2020 February MTDGA Club Meeting Minutes

Posted on 02-08-2020 by MTDGA | Categories: Monthly Minutes

President's Report (Jeff) - Club is alive and well with membership growing strong to over 61 members

VP's Report (Phillip) - Looking to set up committees to handle various topics including:

  • Course maintenance - 2 groups to cover Sharp Springs and Barfield (general cleanup activities to include trash cleanup, minor maintenance, weed trimming, no mature trees or cutting larger than a finger)
  • Tournament preparation - David Wiley Nelson offered assistance while available with Trailer for targets
  • Other committees may be formed and dismantled as needed under the direction of the board
  • Phillip will send notice on Facebook regarding organization and membership of committees

Treasurer's Report (Tara) - Walked through financial obligations outstanding for club

Secretary's Report (Shane) -

  • Working to get 2020 membership and tags up to date along with "leaderboard" of tags available for challenges between bag tag events
  • 61 current members of the club in 2020 with tags. 15 new tags added during February event.
  • Reviewed updated points series point system. 2 points for attendance and 1 point for every player you beat. New system should reward winning over simple attendance. End of year trophies should reward more than participation. New system gives greater incentive to invite more participants as max points increases with the size of the field.
  • Am payouts for monthly events to start in March using a voucher system rather than historical 1st/2nd/3rd place disc bins. voucher amounts will follow PDGA payout guidelines.

Event's Report (Matt)

Upcoming events include:

  • 2/22 - Moonlighting @ Sharp Springs - Club Fundraiser and fun evening temp course rounds
  • 3/14 - Monthly event at Sharp Springs
  • 4/11 - Monthly event at Barfield
  • 4/19 - Barfield Open

For tournaments, goal is to raise enough sponsor investment to move tournaments to B-tier status.

Other Notes

  • Need to get a copy from the State our Non-profit (403b?) registration status in paper and PDF format for submission in commercial sponsorship requests - no assignments made regarding who will accomplish this
  • Request made to get a permanent basket placed on Sharp Springs #9A. City of Smyrna should have old baskets in storage. - Jeff Casalina to reach out to Marty Smith with an inquiry. Other possible options are relocation of #15A or #15B target or practice basket.
  • Began a discussion on potential vendors for AM payout tournament vouchers. Item tabled with expected discussion during March club meeting.