2020 Schedule and Updates

Posted on 12-24-2019 by Jeff Casalina | Categories: Events, News

***Long, but IMPORTANT post***

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Christmas Eve and spending time with those who mean the most!

I know everyone is pretty busy, but I just wanted to get some information streaming as we head into 2020. This Saturday, we’ll be playing the last monthly of 2019. To end the year on a great note, Carter Farms will be set up for play! I hope to see everyone out there!

This is also the time for elections for the open positions of Vice President, Secretary, and Events Coordinator. I haven’t heard of many nominations yet, so if any need to be spoken of then please make it known.

2020 Schedule

Our 2020 schedule is starting to shape up as well and we’re planning on setting the dates for our PDGA and Monthly events as follows:

PDGA Events

  • Barfield Open- 4/19
  • Skeeter Heater- 7/19
  • Rutherford Anniversary - 10/18

2020 Monthly dates

  • 1/11 Sharp
  • 2/8 Barfield
  • 3/14 Sharp
  • 4/11 Barfield
  • 5/16 Sharp
  • 6/13 Barfield
  • 7/11 Sharp
  • 8/8 Barfield
  • 9/12 Sharp
  • 10/17 Barfield
  • 11/14 Sharp
  • 12/12 Barfield/Carter Farms

As you can see, we’re gonna go back to one monthly per month and do just one point series throughout the year. It’s in hopes that it helps maximize the participation each month since each one goes towards the points series. This also helps in clearing a weekend date for the club to host other “special” events such as Ace Race, Trilogy Challenge, and other fundraiser type events.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, and wish you all a Merry Christmas! Be safe in all of your travels over the holidays!